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Express Online has recently taken a look at Astral Chain, an exclusive Nintendo Switch exclusive, which he describes as a potential gamer of the year for the Nintendo console.

However, considering the time we spent with Super Mario Maker 2, it will take something special enough to bring down this successor to the Wii U.

With an intuitive user interface and a ton of excellent custom scenes online, Super Mario Maker has always been one of my personal favorites.

But there was always the feeling that it could have been even better with a wider audience and more creative tools available to the player.

Fortunately, the suite of Nintendo Switch solves these two problems.

Indeed, it was recently revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 had doubled sales of the original game for the first week in the UK, not counting digital downloads.

This means that the number of creations created by the players will certainly be much higher than the original, which can only be a good thing.

And do not forget how some of these early stages of Super Mario Maker are creative, challenging and truly weird.

Take a look at the incredible Mario Maker level of GoSeigenTwitch below to find out what's possible in the game.

Then there is the unbearable Waluigi's unbearable existence, not to mention the calculator stage that must be seen to be believed.

With some fans likely to redo their favorite Mario Maker scenes in the new game, not to mention the millions of new players jumping aboard, Super Mario Maker 2 will have even more custom creations to choose from.

And that brings me to the second reason why Super Mario Maker 2 could be one of the best Switch games so far.

Not only will custom steps be more numerous, but the increased tool set means that the best steps will be better and even more creative than before.

The suite of Switch offers many new themes for your creations, including desert scenery, snowy scenes and forest surroundings. It's above night-time levels, unique Mario 3D World scenes and water / lava courses.

You can create vertical scroll levels, use on / off switches, and take advantage of snake blocks with custom paths.

Then there are new fun mechanisms like rocking swings, swinging claws and gusts of wind that can help Mario reach higher platforms.

But my new favorite addition is the ability to add gain conditions to levels, whether it's collecting a set number of pieces or defeating a determined number of enemies.

Every time you play, you will discover something new and amazing. It's like owning a game with unlimited downloadable content.

There are many reasons why this suite of Switch could be one of the best games of the system so far, that it 's the story mode that adds structure and serves as a great way to get started. inspiration to future creations, or the ability to play in cooperation with his colleague Super Mario. Fans.

But it's the increased number of game tools available to creators, coupled with the increased number of player creations that are two of the reasons why Super Mario Maker 2 could be considered one of the best games of the game. Switch to date.

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