Incoming calls blocked? | Airtel | Sparks Trend

[ad_1] This video explains Airtel's current plans to educate people and people to understand the current situation of mobile network providers. This video is used for fair purposes. . [ad_2] source

Viral, the way this woman calls the waiter of the restaurant makes a mess

[ad_1] – A woman named Glysdi Faith Baguio (20) used a microphone to call a waiter during a visit to a restaurant in Quezon, Philippines, on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 9pm. Because Glysdi came to his favorite restaurant at rush hours, many visitors came to make the restaurant noisy. Glysdi who wants to … Read more

MMDA calls a woman in a video "In My Feelings" viral

[ad_1] The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority requests the help of the National Bureau of Investigation to locate the girl in the now viral video "Kiki Dance Challenge" on EDSA. . [ad_2] source

VIRAL VIDEO: PAAS members take money in the name of agitation, Hardik calls it "Political Gimmick" – Tv9

[ad_1] VIRAL VIDEO: PAAS members taking money in the name of agitation, Hardik calls it "Gimmick Policy". Subscribe to Gujarati Tv9: Like us on Facebook to Follow us on Twitter at Follow us on Dailymotion at Surround us on Google+: Follow us on Pinterest on [ad_2] source

& # 39; Dancing Uncle & # 39; received 1000 calls in a week after his viral video

[ad_1] Sanjeev Srivastava came into glory overnight with his skillful moves and Govinda-style dance through social media. Now he seems to have become a victim of the same glory that he loved to bask. Srivastava received more than 1,000 phone calls in a week, forcing him to hand over his cell phone to his brother … Read more

Permit Patty's video goes viral after a woman calls the police on a girl who sells water

[ad_1] Read the story: A video similar to the one presented by BBQ Becky at Merritt Lake became viral on Saturday. He shows a woman calling the police on an 8 year old girl in San Francisco because she was selling water on the outside on a hot day. The incident triggered the #PermitPatty hashtag. … Read more