Viral: Croupier Bimbo steals an old man, but is fired. 2018

[ad_1] A video was aired after an employee of the Grupo Bimbo company was caught stealing goods from an elderly-owned shop. [ad_2] source

Marinela viral employee steals grandfather in his shop ??

[ad_1] Marinela viral employee steals her grandfather in his shop ?? It was in Coyoacan! Do it viral, it just happened. That's why we do not move forward #LordMarinela S & # 39; subscribe Canal Cyberneticos … The most viral face … Cornelius …… Join the Cybernetics group on Whatsapp FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK, TWEETER … Read more

Viral, Videos A toddler steals popcorn Prince Harry

[ad_1] This adorable toddler is not concerned with the protocol or how he should behave in the presence of a royal prince. She just wanted Prince Harry's popcorn. The video when the toddler steals Prince Harry's popcorn becomes instantly viral. Not only does the toddler look adorable and innocent while eating popcorn next to Prince … Read more