Tiny Red Ninja # 6 – Ninja Trends!

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Tiny Ninja Red – Master Cut Episodes 1-4 – Ninja Trends!

[ad_1] Every four or five episodes, I'll cut them together to make a perfect cut. Then, at the end of 300 episodes, we will have a long film. It'll be fun. Here are the first 4 episodes edited together. # 1 on trends #TrendingNinja #TinyRedNinja #CartoonNinja. [ad_2] source

An anti-Trump Facebook call goes viral, and a tiny charity has to figure out how to spend $ 25 million

[ad_1] Getty Images / Joe Raedle One day, you are a small charity with annual revenues of $ 7 million. The next day, you sit on a mountain of donations of $ 25 million, thanks to a Facebook call turned viral. But can a little charity like this face such a deluge of gifts? This … Read more