Taz worries Ronda Rousey in search of a weapon at the elimination chamber

The legend of ECW, Taz, is back with another exciting edition of Taz's show. This time, the topic was the recent WWE pay-per-view television. Taz did not like the UFC veteran picking up crutches, like a weapon, in the post-match scrum with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Taz explains, "I'm going to point out something that happened in this case where Ronda Rousey went crazy with crutches … it was not good for the WWE, what they did with Ronda Rousey. "

Taz continued, "Basically, Becky goes crazy once in the ring and attacks Charlotte Flair on crutches. It was blows, blows, blows. Without a doubt. Beat physically and Charlotte is well sold, beaten and sold. It was phenomenal, really.

Then Ronda Rousey joined the group. "Becky and Ronda have eye contact and a crutch was on the floor and Becky looked at her a bit" Take the crutch and will also beat Charlotte ", so Ronda Rousey slowly. She takes the crutch.

Taz takes offense at the fact that Rousey needs to make weapons: "It was there, I thought," No. Stop. Do not do that. Do not Ronda. Do not take the crutch. Whatever the choice of the agent, whatever his agent, his producer, whatever it is. Bad bad bad. Do not do it. Ronda Rousey is a killer. She's a legendary UFC Hall of Fame legend, an MMA mega star, just at the highest level in the big judo sports … and you've grabbed her with a weapon? No no no. She does not need a weapon. You remember that by saying that I used to say, "I do not need a weapon. My hands are my weapons. She should never take a weapon. She is a weapon. It's something they have to do. Its very important. What did she do? She picked up the gun just to walk towards Charlotte while Charlotte was on the ground begging, just to get her touched from behind by Becky Lynch, to be attacked from behind by the other crutch, so Ronda Rousey gets her ass kicked by Becky Lynch. "

Taz has no problem with Lynch using crutches as a weapon, as he thinks it more coincides with his character.

(Transcript Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

Readers can listen Taz's show in full below:

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