Team Kaliber Fortnite Pro Hacked in World Cup Playoffs

A video was posted on YouTube showing that Fortnite professional player Jonathan 'JonnyK' Kosmala had purchased and installed cheat codes.

"The fortified type" sent a video in which JonnyK has access to ESP tricks, which allow players to see their enemies through objects such as walls and character builds.

Fortnite World Cup Online Qualifying Tournament

April 13 was marked by the start of qualifying for the Fortnite Online Open that could lead to the Fortnite World Cup on July 26-28.

The online opening of the Fortnite World Cup began on April 13th.

The ten-week online Open qualifiers will provide $ 10 million to top participants, while the main event in New York will have its own $ 30 million prize pool.

JonnyK was signed with the Kaliber team in August 2018, while a group of leading organizations were looking for their chance to win the World Cup.

The video of the fortified guy

A video was posted on YouTube on April 13 by The Fortnite Guy, who had previously exposed Former light Pro Kreo to scam people through skins and Fortnite accounts.

The video "Fortnite Pro BANNED for hacking the World Cup!" has since obtained more than 120,000 views, detailing the process of buying, installing, and banning JonnyK from using cheats for Fortnite.

The video of Fortnite Guy also shows a specific transaction that proves that JonnyK has bought the cheats himself, as well as the quick process of installing and banishing cheats.

It was later revealed that The Fortnite Guy was working with the hacker vendor to try to catch JonnyK in the act.

The pirate, CBV, posted his own video on YouTube sharing his version of the story.

Team response Kaliber

On April 14, the Kaliber team released an official statement about JonnyK, revealing that the organization had decided to remove the player from his list.

The Kaliber team also stated that they ended their relationship with JonnyK and apologized for their "misjudgment".

Do you think more Fortnite professional players will be exposed to the use of cheats?

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