On Saturday afternoon, Anthony Jordan, head of college basketball, worked on Tennessee's 82-80 loss to LSU in Baton Rouge, La.

A day later, an old Jordan message on Facebook was discovered in which he was holding a LSU shirt and was writing "Geaux Tigers".

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The Flights Coach, Rick Barnes, said Monday that he was aware of the photo and that he had contacted the SEC office about it.

"All I can tell you is that I have confidence in the SEC's office," Barnes said during his visit to the media. "I know they're going to do due diligence and look at it.They will handle it as it should, that's all I can say about it."


Tennessee lost to LSU in a match at 82-80 on Saturday.
Mike Wilson, USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee

In September 2014, Jordan posted a holiday photo in Granada on his personal Facebook page. He brandished a LSU shirt and wrote a message for "all my Bama" and added "Geaux Tigers".

The SEC issued a statement Monday on Jordan's post.

"Anthony Jordan, the manager of this social media post, told us that he had seen the t-shirt of a SEC team sold in a store during his trip to Spain there is five years, "says the league release. "He took a picture and posted it so that he could be seen by friends via his social network account." He said his intention was to post a humble message on social media after seeing the t-shirt in another country and not to express affinity for a particular school.

Jordan has worked at the SEC for 19 years, including 11 post-season NCAA tournaments.

"We do not find this publication on social networks in line with our expectations and we will proceed accordingly, while recognizing that Mr. Jordan has a long history as a fair and impartial basketball official."

Jordan's post was brought to Barnes' attention following UT's third loss this season. He said that he had been in touch with the league about more than the photo after the match at Baton Rouge.

"I have been in contact with them since the match several times," said Barnes. "I appreciate them and how they talk to me and what we're talking about, I'm sure they'll do what's right, they understand the situation, they're as upset as we would be.

"They're going to take care of it, we have to get ready to play another game."

No. 7 UT (24-3, 12-2 SEC) plays Ole Miss (19-8, 9-5) on Wednesday (7 pm, SEC Network). The Flights are tied for first place at the SEC with the 14th LSU and the 4th Kentucky.

"I do not want them to think about refereeing and this and that because I know I trust our officials in our league here," Barnes said. "They are perfect, they are not, some are better than others, some are better, some can handle different environments better than others, of course they can. it's no different from the players I can say the same thing about the players, and you can talk about coaches probably. "

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