Tesla shares rare glimpse of Giga Shanghai’s Model Y production line in action


Tesla shared a rather rare look at Gigafactory Shanghai’s Model Y production line. The video, which was shared on the electric car maker’s official Weibo account, showed several elements of the Model Y assembly process at the China-based factory, including the use of one-piece megacasts for the crossover’s rear underbody. all electric.

The electric vehicle maker’s recent Weibo video clarified that Giga Shanghai’s Giga Press machines are massive 6,000-ton die-casting equipment that integrates the Model Y’s backplate into a whole. Tesla China noted that its use of megacasts for the Model Y resulted in several benefits, including weight reduction, a more streamlined welding process, and more streamlined construction.

(Credit: Tesla China / Weibo)

Tesla also noted that the Model Y’s megacasts improved the vehicle’s overall build quality. This was a point made by automotive veteran Sandy Munro in his ongoing teardown of the 2021 Model 3 from the Fremont factory. Commenting on the build quality of the Model 3, Munro noted that using mega-cast components should allow Tesla to make their builds more consistent, as fewer parts lead to fewer areas of error.

Tesla China is pushing the Model Y to China this year, with the electric car maker promoting the all-electric crossover as the ideal vehicle for families who value utility and safety. Features like a HEPA filter and a dedicated Bioweapons Defense Mode have also been introduced in the Chinese-made Model Y, making the vehicle more attractive to consumers living in areas where air pollution is prevalent.

So far, the Tesla Model Y appears to be gaining traction in China, with the all-electric crossover drawing crowds in its debut. Local reports then noted that Tesla stores were overwhelmed with potential customers, with the company’s official website collapsing due to traffic at one point. Estimated delivery times for orders made in China also suggest the vehicle has been sold out, at least for the first few months of the year.

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Tesla shares rare glimpse of Giga Shanghai’s Model Y production line in action

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