Teson's Elon Musk: Comprehensive Autonomous Driving Technology Almost Complete

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said the electric car manufacturer would have managed to develop a fully autonomous autonomous driving technology by the end of 2019, although regulatory hurdles could prevent a roll-out to the market. mass in the near future.

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The California company has already set up a limited version called "Autopilot", a platform that manages basic functions such as acceleration and braking, but that requires active human monitoring. Musk said that an extended version, which can run without human supervision, is almost complete.


"I think we are going to be fully autonomous this year, which means that the car can find you on a parking lot, pick you up and drive you to your destination without intervention, this year," Musk said at the time. an appearance on the ARK Invest podcast, organized by the namesake company, which invests in Tesla. "I would say that I'm certain it's not a question mark."

Tesla's "Autopilot" feature has been scrutinized by federal security authorities after it was linked to a fatal accident in Mountain View, California, last year. The company reacted by slightly modifying the platform to frequently remind drivers to place their hands on the wheel while using the "Autopilot".

Musk has repeatedly teased a more sophisticated stand-alone platform for Tesla vehicles, noting last October that the company was working on a "slightly smarter version" of its "Autopark" feature.

Musk said the improved autonomous driving technology would be subject to a lengthy process of approval by US regulators before it reaches the Tesla drivers. He also noted that technology could have some early failures.


"People sometimes extrapolate that to mean [that] now, it works with absolute certainty, requiring no observation, to perfection. This is not the case, "he said.

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