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THIS will make you reconsider your entire existence
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Denzel Washington on false news and information overload – BBC News –
#LIKE LIFE! World vs vs world without social media –
Simon Sinek on millennium addiction and social media | Larry King now | Ora.TV –
Addiction and what you can do about it. | Ben Halpert | TEDxSaintThomas –
Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

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  1. This is our society today. Sad..
    This is the PART 2 of this video :

  2. Avoid social media, and especially avoid religions. Both addictive and destructive….both limit your critical thinking skills. Do you own thing, challenge what everyone else is doing, think your own thoughts, don’t do things to “ Fit in “ and thus gain acceptance. If you need acceptance, then you’re a lost cause….

  3. We Indians knew this thousands of years ago. The world is now understanding it. ! More power to the truth.

  4. I knew it since the day one… & seen it all.

  5. Anyone else notice that we are all Ironically watching this on the internet?

  6. comments against phone and addictive app written from peoples on their phone using addictive app. LOL

  7. And then he puts hes facbook link

  8. Yeah and i sat down for a coffee and to watch youtube!.. that me..or was

  9. I dont conform, I evolve and stay true to my beliefs… Ethically.


  11. I just received my first smart phone from my parents ,just before my mid term exam in 72 in my last test ,this time I'm not even close to that I just scored 50 ,I don't know how to stop this addiction, it's been just a week since I got my phone and it's effecting my marks please help ??

  12. I've only got 4 application on my fone. Think we sud take time off a d give your time to family. No fones or TV family time!!!

  13. People ARE talking about this. Insightful? Yes. Profound, no. It starts with YOU!!!

  14. Everyone is watching this on some sort of device it's not the device it's the people

  15. This is a very impressive video. I don't like it for the message. It doesn't share any message indeed. But it's very persuasive and people like it. For me, it's all just bull shit packed together in a very motivational and *inspiring*, very outstanding, even though it has no intrinsic value.

  16. First: LOVE Denzel Washington! He’s truly a wise, enlightened and a man of faith. God bless Denzel Washington.

    Second, this video is good but misses THE most important key: God. That is why people are empty. Without the Lord, we have nothing. The worshiping of material goods is neo-paganism

  17. All yall motherfuckers are just talk cause its posted here lmfao joe rogan has a podcast lives off the net …denzel puts his movies on Netflix???? Lol if yall were serious we would not be here


  19. The big problems with all these documentary are the lack of concrete solutions. Elite / government collaborate to create this and the only thing you can do is for you to try to do it better. The marketing cancer knows ho to manipulate psychologically to enslave sheeps. The organism and people supposed to protect us from this are being bought. Good luck all keep your eyes open. 888

  20. I'm inspired now and I will gonna give times for my parents…

  21. Finally! someone see's other then me. good job!

  22. i've been saying this for years. When will people wake up.

  23. hear.. hear.. but then we're in youtube now… so how do we see daylight when "it" smothers the the world already…? well, almost…

  24. Shit my cell for work or to call my lady when we both are at work other thrn that it stays on the changer i like to play with my son n get out side and she time with family cause life is so short

  25. I couldn't have watched this video if I didn't have a smartphone and YouTube app installed in it.


  26. For those who say look for jesus, they need to look for a psychiatrist!

  27. Yea, I absolutely despise it when people come to a meeting (restaurant,cafe, at home etc.) and literally just talk about the newest "posts" on Snapchat, Instagram or whatever, and I'm sitting there thinking:
    "Why am I even here? What's the purpose of this meeting?"

    One of the cringiest things that has happened to me was when I was in a restaurant with a person and I was about to dig into the meal when that person said "Wait! One sec, lemme snap this meal real quick."
    And then he procceeded to post it on Snapchat or where ever the fuck he posted it on, with the description "Delicious meal on [My name]"

    I think that's ridiculous. I'm 17 years old, is it "too early" for me to think this way?

  28. Modern feminism and horrible deminsation of men and people who just want to earn earn as much as possible. The left has no problems with this as long as white males are the victim's. I say correct these issues quick and at least try to listen to the arguements against you. Just man hating idiots. Free Ireland my ass !!

  29. This is sad but how do we strike a balance?