That's what the V8 of the Corvette C8 looks like


Now that Chevrolet has announced to the world its intention to unveil its Corvette C8 on July 18, it does not see the need to keep the prototypes out. They are now regularly tested on public roads and highways, giving us the chance to see or, in this case, hear more details. This recently released video was shot by Ace1260 in the Detroit, Michigan area. She shows a prototype of C8 barely disguised in the process of turning on the highway.

His driver, however, apparently had enough of the road and was taking a break for the closest ones. Fortunately, it's when Ace1260 caught up, dropped the window and pressed "Record". The result? A V8 burbling throttle almost completely open. Of course, this V8 is now located in the middle of the ship.

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