The 6 highlights of Steph Curry show that his arrogance is at another level

The Los Angeles Clippers played very well, had enough wit in Kevin Durant's head that he was ejected, scored five double-digit players and were again completely eliminated by the Golden State. Warriors, 121-104 in the first game of their first match. playoffs. It was a death in the hands of Steph Curry, who activated the Hall of Fame mode from the beginning.

Curry finished with 38 points, 15 rebounds (!) And seven assists, including 8 shots on 9 of depth. Clippers guard Lou Williams said"It sounded like a regular game of Steph Curry that I watched on TV." But the score of the box does not indicate the level of arrogance that Curry has achieved.

Stephen Curry on Saturday night was not the Stephen Curry of 2016 or 2017 or even 2018. His ego is on a whole new level, and it's justified. L.A could not do anything against him.

"Curry destroyed us all year" The Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers, said after the match. "He really has. As coaching staff, we must try to do something different. "

Here are the 6 most brilliant and extravagant representations of Curry.

1. When Curry is launched from Jupiter for hell

In a moment of disrespectful heat control, Curry stopped, there was 16 seconds at the shot clock of a horrible distance, completely unbalanced with a quarter and more to play and a 14-point lead.

Who do this?

Nobody has this green light all the time.

2. This curry hesitation

It was perhaps in the second quarter that Curry had the dirtiest gesture by the time he hesitated for a long time, throwing Shai Gilgeous-Alexander into disequilibrium and eventually stumbling with his left hand.

It seemed staged.

3. Curry tried to suppress Dunk on Patrick Beverley

Beverley had an all-night conversation with Kevin Durant, so much so that both were eventually ejected. Curry, in turn, attempted to make a statement by jumping over Beverley.

But the ball had already entered.

LOL, IT REALLY TRIED THIS. Steph in 2015 would never be.

4. Steph (the shortest warrior among the top five) had 15 boards

That included this ridiculous. The crowd was huge.

5. The rims could not have been nicer with Steph

Watch the rebound of the rim. For who else is he going?

6. Of course, Steph set a record too

With these three points, Curry passed Ray Allen on all three points of all time on the playoffs list. He now has 386, one more than Allen and 16 more than LeBron James, who ranks third.

We have many more years of curry and probably many more playoff games. Where can he put this disc out of reach?

Arrogant Steph Curry is a whole other terrifying being. He has a MVP Finals to win, after all.

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