The bill would require proof of insurance before renewing car labels


Washington Car Tabs (Photo KOMO)

OLYMPIA, Washington. – State legislators have proposed a bill that would require proof of liability insurance before renewing or obtaining automobile plates.

Senate Bill 5924 has the support of 17 state senators and aims to ensure that drivers subscribe to the required insurance.

Under the law, drivers must take out bodily injury insurance of at least $ 25,000 for a victim, at least $ 50,000 for two or more victims, as well as insurance. $ 10,000 liability. Or you can provide the state with a certificate of deposit or bond of at least $ 60,000.

Those who can not prove their insurance could be fined $ 550 and your driver's license could be suspended if you are involved in a liability accident and you do not have insurance.

The bill is currently in committee and should be the subject of a public hearing Monday afternoon.

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