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This video is for entertainment purposes only. I did not abuse or insult anyone in the video. Comedy 100% healthy. If you really like the video, then share and comment.

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This video is all about entertainment!
do not hate anyone

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  1. Kidaaah fer …. te naale instagram te aajo fer – instagram –

  2. paji hor kehri video ne tohadia

  3. Fuddu video… wastage of time…video de like comment views shares lyi kuj v bolde ga…tu kuj v bole oh reel aaa wah tere

  4. Thik aa vir but agli var pagg barre nahi banoni funny videos

  5. Samajh jaa pag nu naa boliaa kr

  6. pagg waare naa boliaa kr puttttttt

  7. Shidhu moosewala v kaint aa tuc v kaint aa

  8. Koi na vr koi chkr ni always spot aa

  9. nice aa video…pr sidhu moose wale nu na kahi kuj kde….baki rabb tenu traki bakshe lga reh bai

  10. yaar mare change VA ke tu help karo ga plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz a ja new VA 18/8/2018 no create ke ta c plz plz plz plz help karo

  11. Koi ni paji…glti ho jandi aa…koi ni….tusi baki entertaining shi krde oo….baki luv ju tuhanu

  12. Yr…. Craaa e laaa dinde o tusi aujla g

  13. Galt gal aa vire..chnga ni bolda tu..tusi bhejti kri jaane muh te.. Ki sochuga bnda..

  14. You going viral bro congratulations ???

  15. Paji which software you use for editing video.