The former boss of Battlefield announces the creation of a new studio. Tease first game


Former Executive Vice President of EA World Studios, Patrick Soderlund, announced that his independent studio, titled Embark, was beginning the development of his first game. In a blog post, Soderlund detailed the type of game on which Embark works.

"Many things in this first game will change and evolve as we progress," wrote Soderlund. "With this warning out of the way, I can tell you that this is a free cooperative action game in the distant future that aims to overcome the seemingly impossible hurdles of working together." Embark uses Epic's Unreal engine to develop the game.

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Soderlund left EA in August 2018, but not before playing a key role in the company's development of the Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront franchises, including Battlefield V and Battlefront II. "From his initial vision of Frostbite, which became the cornerstone of our technology strategy, to his position as Champion of Player First experiences, Patrick has always ensured that we put creativity at the center of everything we do", said EA President Wilson announcing the departure of Soderlund.

After the departure of Soderlund, EA experienced an internal upheaval and the company announced a renewed interest in the way players were consuming its games. "We are more focused on the user experience and welcome Jason Wozencroft into our studios to lead a strong and unified UX approach to our games and services," said Wilson. "And with new games and content playing a vital role in our networked future, EA Originals and EA Partners teams led by Rob Letts will join our strategic growth group."


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