The hardware you get from the Google Play Store is live on Android 12


Complete with dynamic theme support

Over the past few weeks, Google has been slowly but steadily updating most of its apps with Material You to prepare for the upcoming version of Android 12 on the Pixels. This includes Google Photos, Google Assistant, Drive, Keep, Maps, Messages, etc. Now, a month after the first signs of a Material You redesign for the Play Store appeared, Google is finally rolling out the redesign for Android 12 users.

As part of the store redesign, the search bar at the top has been given a pill-shaped makeover. The lower navigation bar got higher and also received pill-shaped buttons. There is also dynamic support for themes, so various elements of the Play Store user interface will add a splash of color depending on the wallpaper you are using. The implementation looks half-baked, with changes currently limited to the main Play Store homepage. The material you influence is not streaming to other parts of the Play Store, which suggests that it is still a work in progress.

The hardware you makeover from the Play Store comes in the form of a server-side deployment, so the version installed on your phone won’t make much of a difference. Some users of the Google News Telegram group (via XDA) have already received the revamped design, although the changes have yet to appear on any of my devices running Android 12.

With the Play Store overhaul well underway, Google still has plenty of other apps that require the hardware you touch, including YouTube Music, Google Home, Google Fit, and Google News. Given the incredible pace at which the company is rolling out these app updates, these redesigns shouldn’t be too far away now.

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