The little synth mania has become uncontrollable

For now, you can only press one button and play one sound at a time. However, one of Audioweld's goals is to add a tuning / polyphonic function to the Synthwatch. This list of bonus features also includes the ability to export clips and import your own sounds, if the required number of contributors is reached. This is a watch after all, and the calculator screen allows for this function, in addition to the battery level and more. As you can see in the video, the device is quite bulky compared to a smartwach (or even a normal watch), so you'll have to be careful not to hit it. The Synthwatch is charged via USB-C and the supplied cable also comes with a 3.5mm jack for connection to an amplifier or speaker.

You will need to commit $ 450 (about $ 512) to get one before the scheduled launch in April 2019. Of course, this depends on the company meeting its funding target of $ 86,537 by January 1st. Of course, the Synthwatch is pretty cool, and there is some horological experience at the helm, but the price is quite high. Especially if you are thinking of other portable synthesizers, such as Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators and the recently re-launched stylophone, are priced at well under 100 USD. Heck, there are even compelling options for under $ 50.

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