The main character may not be in the Game of Thrones game of season 8

Warning: Spoilers possible for Game of thrones & # 39; the first season eight follows.

List of HBO actors for the first season of Game of thrones has a notable omission that might surprise some people. As Winter is coming (h / t to Uproxx), a list briefly appeared on the HBO website for the next episode, due out in April. This list had runtime (sixty minutes) and was composed for the episode, which included some interesting names and which lacked a name – specifically, the actor who represented the king of the night.

The list is not Vladimir Furdik, which should be an important part of the latest episodes. After all, season seven ended with the death army of the night king who destroyed the wall (with great help from his new dragon) and went to the north. One would expect it to play an important role in what is going to happen, although it is quite plausible that the former is focused on the living and their struggles to form a cohesive fighting force against them. White Walkers. After all, Cersei has his own projects and the whole drama of Jon Snow / Daenerys to solve. Not to mention people to catch up with like Arya, Sam and Bran.

The presence of Tobias Menzies and Lino Facioli is also worth noting. Both play Edmure Tully and Robin Arryn and have not been seen since the sixth season. One would expect them to be part of the force pool, since Robin is still the lord of the valley and Edmure is pretty much all that remains of the Tully line.

Game of thrones presents the first of his last six episodes on April 14th.

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