The Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster is officially over

The atrocious decline of the traditional sedan may be one of the newspapers, but it is not the only segment that suffers in this market madly crazy. The two-seater convertible segment has been in decline for more than a decade now and it looks like the situation only worsens in 2019. As we initially reported there are At almost two years, and after 23 years of uninterrupted production, the Mercedes-Benz SLC (born SLK) has been formally arrested. A representative from Mercedes tells us that there is currently no direct successor planned. Yes, it leaves us on sunnier shorelines, but not until the new Final Edition package is available.

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The Final Edition bundle is little more than an appearance package. It is offered on both the SLC300 and the hottest Mercedes-AMG SLC43, each coated with a specific color in the finish. Despite the yellowish final Euro-spec edition of these images, all SLC300 Final editions of the American market will arrive in selenite gray with door handles, mirrored caches and poles in glossy black. Each of these will be based on the existing AMG Line group, incorporating AMG-inspired styling elements, a sport suspension that drops the 0.4-inch line, and a larger braking system with cross-drilled discs. There are also Final Edition exterior badges and 18-inch AMG wheels with contrasting shiny black accents. The cab features black and silver Nappa leather upholstery and faux leather trims on the headrests and gear selector.

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The Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 is the much more intriguing shade of Sun Yellow, inspired by the yellowstone paint available at the launch of the 1996 SLK. The same gloss black exterior trim resembles that of the SLC300, and the finish is also extended to front splitter, intake fins, wing tusks and parts of the rear fairing. The AMG also has 18-inch black matte wheels with a yellow rim.

If you're not ready to buy a Mercedes roadster before the SLC leaves and give you the means, the largest SL class is not going anywhere. In fact, there is a new luxury-oriented Grand Edition for the SL 450 and SL 550.

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Like the final edition of the SLC, this is just a package of appearance. Each Grand comes in graphite gray, offset by chrome accents and matte silver on the front bumper and by large 19 "AMG wheels at the front and 20 inches at the front. back. Inside, the interior is treated with a Designo look set that brings Tundra Brown Pearl leather and quilted piping in Golden Olive Pearl. Mechanically, the only change concerns the installation of Sport suspension options, which lowers the car by 0.4 inches.

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