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The owners of PS4 seem shocked to hear about this old movie

Achievements and trophies in games are good, but when they are tied to specific events, they can turn out to be messy. Fortunately, the PS4 allows developers to designate trophies as "hidden", which prevents you from accidentally discovering everything you would not want to see. But what about once you're done and want to go on a trophy hunt, or if you do not care about spoilers in the first place? Your impulse could be to search online for a complete list of trophies. Or you can, you know, just reveal it on the system itself.

Yes, it's a thing. And people seem shocked by this information.

Just select a hidden trophy, press X to display its details screen and press the Square button to display the hidden information. Not only is this possible, but it has been added for years: it was added for the first time in the PS4 4.00 system update, in September 2016. It is possible that for many, the new was lost, as it was around this time. PS4 and PS4 Pro thin have been announced and this update has introduced the HDR feature on all PS4 systems, among others. But even the publication of the PlayStation blog for the update did not mention the Trophy feature. (However, it was mentioned in a previous article, about a month before its publication.)

Anyway, the news of this feature made its appearance after a popular RockyB95 Reddit release, stating that they had discovered it after years of owning a PS4. the PlayStation UK Twitter Account and then shared this, and it seems that this helpful tip was a tip that many people did not know.

Apparently, it is helpful to read the entire update notes. What other tips, PS4 or other, can you think of what other people might not know? Let us know in the comments below.

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