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The patient dies after having a stool transplant

WASHINGTON – Fecal transplants, though experimental, have saved lives, reports New York Times, citing the cases of some patients who were ravaged by "uncontrollable diarrhea" caused by bacterial C. difficile infection. But in a recent case, such a transplant was deadly.

The FDA announced Thursday that a patient had recently died from a fecal transplant, in which healthy feces from a donor are treated in a laboratory and administered to a patient via an infusion or pills in order to restore the bacteria from the intestine. The FDA has stated that it is putting an end to clinical trials of fecal transplantation until the researchers can prove to the FDA that it has put in place measures to verify that the feces are free from deadly bacteria. This was not the case with the patient who died.

This patient, with a second patient, received stool from the same donor who had not been screened and developed infections. After being diseased, the remaining stool samples from the donor showed that it contained multidrug-resistant microbes: E. coli, which produced extended-spectrum beta-lactamase.

The FDA did not provide details on the identity of the patients, the purpose of their treatment or the location of the transplant, although they claimed that their immune system was compromised and that they were participating in a transplant. clinical test.

According to NBC News, fecal transplants are typically used to treat C. difficile. According to CDC statistics, 29,000 Americans are killed each year, according to CDC statistics. United States today notes that antibiotic-resistant infections kill another 23,000. The FDA has pointed out that all standard treatments for C. difficile should be tried first.

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