The police officer resigns after the video of him defeating the man becomes viral

The pictures show a Baltimore policeman throwing punches at the man for 12 seconds.



  1. Any man that wears bright ass pink shorts deserves a beating,thats probably the fashion police

  2. well i gess he broke his jaw for a reason

  3. Bet that Pork Motherfucker walks a straight line now that his badge and gun was taken. If I was that other dude now is the time to find that Fuck Boi. He’s not a Pork anymore do him filthy……Fuck his family and children……

  4. lets let the African americans dish out there own punishment in jail to this coward pig

  5. White cop beats black man: Nonstop news coverage and back lives matter protesting, maybe rioting depending on the severity of the beating.

    Black cop beats black man: Just another day in the hood, cop was probably having a bad day. Black lives matter could care less.

  6. He's been working out to the Rocky song Eye of the Tiger

  7. U.S. cities need more black cops on the beat ?

  8. BLM are unusually quiet..wonder why..

  9. Fire both cops… the one standing not doing anything about to…… The Fuck Is this world coming to

  10. White socks with black shoes. Party foul.

  11. Stop it!! This ain't got nothing to do with race, IT JUST EGO!!!!!!!!!! A dorn shame!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Every video talking about this is being spammed by republicans bitching about liberals not talking about this?

  13. They could have cuffed him while he was already down.

  14. It's a great time to be his crack dealer. He's about to get paid.

  15. Don’t worry, the guy that got beaten’s criminal record will be released soon. And it’ll be a mile long.

  16. Nobody gives a shit about the innocent 7year old killed a month ago though huh?……Baltimore city is a cesspool of worthless animals……heres an idea…. Listen to the cop and don't get beat up dummy

  17. A fellow vet I'm sure. He sure kicked that dindu's ass. LOL

  18. That’s to bad! It looked to me like the cops had every reason to administer a good ass kicking on some street scum getting in his face. I’ll bet if this would happen more often there would be less crime.

  19. Okay I have a question ….. I'm an African American where are the people who says blacks lives matter. My parents raised me to see no color ,But if this was a white officer everyone would be screaming black lives matter. No matter what race you are, No and I mean no one should be beat like this . What the heck was this cop problem. How do you suppose to be a role model for young black men when your out here beating up on one. Your not suppose to be out here beating up one innocent people. No matter what your race is . People want to know why us black have so much violence and hate against one of another. It's because of people like this stupid cop that dont set bearing for our young black men. If this cop wanted to beat someone up .He should of just went to the box ring or something. This is so sad our own blacks beating up on an innocent young black man that was minding his own freaking business.

  20. This is what is needed to keep the streets clean in Chicago

  21. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The Police ?

  22. That's a cop beating a citizen. Ya'll can try to paint it differently, but it's still the same picture: a cop beating a citizen.
    We recently saw a citizen, prone and begging for mercy, shot by a cop. That picture was painted with many fanciful brushes, but ultimately: it's a cop shooting a man who is prone and begging for his life.

  23. He got suspended with pay.. pretty much he got a vacation award ?

  24. If the officer would have control his temper he could have arrested the other black man for assaulting a police officer.

  25. I hope he isn't just going to be rehired in the next county.

  26. He didn't resign he just ran like a coward. I hope he gets sued for everything he owns because I am sure Baltimore is out of money because of on going lawsuits

  27. You know you're a low life racist troll when you're comparing a beat down with your fist to getting gunned down..

  28. The officer changed both their lives. The officer made himself a criminal while making the victim rich.

  29. Where’s the bodycam footage?

  30. Say it with me guys, pigs in a blanket…

  31. So when is it ok to defend yourself from the police? Id be seeking his life if I was beat on like a punching bag.. Id shoot that cop dead

  32. Uughh what a disgusting black officer. With all the racial tension going on and to do that to your fellow black man for what ever reason that may be, he is an officer and should behave as one.. He's not only losing his career he's going to face charges and a law suit.

  33. Talk shit to a cop and get your ass whipped. These millenials think it is okay to do that nowadays. This is what happened back in the 80's and 90's!

  34. This aint even news Shit happens Everyday if they only caught it everytime

  35. Seems fishy too me i need more info what if they somehow know each other and set this up for the $=$ thats sure too come! I cant see that cop being dumb enough too do that with people with phones going cameras on right there…..idk im just trippin lol

  36. Black on Black on my,how will the black community react to this one?? Quote a conundrum I would imagine good luck on this one!

  37. You swing your arms around me, I'm going to swing my arms around you.

  38. Black on black crime with a FUCKIN badge!!! Prosecute both cops to the fullest!!!

  39. Omg the hurt my heart so bad ..he's hitting him with so much madness. ..why !!!!