The revolution of virtual reality is already here – and it's not the game

The reports on the death of virtual reality are greatly exaggerated. In fact, far from dying, the virtual reality industry is poised for explosive growth in the short term, analysts say.

Modern VR helmets arrived less than three years ago. But to hear the experts speak, you think that technology has already reached its zenith of development. Looking more closely, it turns out that these people usually refer to virtual reality Thu Platform. To condemn virtual reality, on this basis, is to say that the robotics industry is a failure because giant robot fights have not started yet. We are always optimistic.

The games are great. but virtual reality is much more than the technological evolution of pong.

VR as a platform

When most of us think of virtual reality, we imagine this:

As the pessimists of virtual reality quickly point out, the current generation of virtual reality gaming hardware is little better than a novelty over consoles and dedicated PCs. So, why do the two biggest players in the virtual reality industry, HTC and Oculus, seem to be unilaterally tied to the gaming market? This is because players are better people.

Well, we are better consumers. Virtual reality companies want to sell products to consumers because there are many more people on the planet than companies. But VR headsets – the real ones, and not those glorified Viewmaster experiences with sliding your smartphone – are not only expensive, they require a monster to run them. Players are a market segment that already has these machines.