The sexy bride becomes viral in an epic wedding reception video

A woman in Houston is becoming viral after giving her guests enough for her life during her reception.

Justin and Stephanie Payne, a couple who met eight years ago by mutual friends, were married on August 10 at Castle Chrystale in the Westheimer area.

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  1. There's another clip on Facebook. It's worse than this one.

  2. Theres huge difference between sexy and trashy. Im sure theres a shady stripper pole somewhere with her name on it

  3. Demure is dead this was classless

  4. This is a disgusting display of ugly! I have never (and hope I never do again) seen a bride and groom behave so badly. That dance they did in the beginning was bad enough, but her display was horrible. No one with any self-respect would have made such an ass of themselves. How sad that they felt they needed to make such fools of themselves just to get attention. News flash…it was your wedding you already had the attention – but you had to go beyond good taste and behave like ghetto trash. Shame on both of you. Don't have much chance of you two staying together long.

  5. She is delusional and ratchet. It's sad that her own audience did not stop her but they cheered her.

  6. And you wonder why people think poorly of blacks ?

  7. Lawd have mercy forgive me lord that's someone else wife with a back side looking like the whole of Texas..