The team change medal announced in Pokémon GO!


Coaches, keep your seats, Pokémon GO Team Change is coming! A new article called Team Change Medallion has been announced, confirming what recent leaks have revealed. It's finally happening!

The Team Change Medal will be available on February 26, 2019 at 1:00 pm local time, available at the in-game store for 1000 PokéCoins. As previously disclosed, Team Medallion will be usable once a year with a 365 day cooldown.

The text of the official announcement says the following:

"Interested trainers will be able to purchase a team medallion for 1,000 PokéCoins in the shop. Choose wisely your team, trainers because you can only buy a team medallion once every 365 days. "

Medallion of team change: our point of view

At GO Hub, we think this article has been too late, but its implementation is frankly amazing! With a payback period of 365 days, the item should not result in constant changes in the balance of the team, but it nevertheless allows players who wish to change team, to do so without additional penalty (loss of experience or level). I've always been a member of Team Mystic, but I suddenly have this electric sensation and could bolt to Instinct just for fun!

The price is also quite right, as 1000 PokéCoins are not too stiff, but they are not too expensive either. majority of free-to-play players.

Honestly, the implementation of this feature is so good that we hope that a similar article will be available in Wizards Unite from the first day. There is simply no reason to be stuck with a team choice that you make super early in the progression system of a game.

What do you think of trainers? Do you like the possibility of changing teams once a year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Medallion of change of team
Medallion of change of team


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