Tim Miles of Nebraska, a former NDSU coach, apologizes for the "casual" remark of a millionaire


Nebraska basketball coach, Tim Miles, spoke Thursday to social media to apologize for a "casual remark" that he had made earlier this week about the possibility of being returned by the school.

The former state coach of North Dakota said on a podcast Sunday that "I'm still a millionaire" if Nebraska decided to dismiss him after a disappointing season in which the Cornhuskers found themselves at the bottom of the Big Ten ranking. The remark was not well understood in Lincoln.

Miles tweeted an apology on Thursday:

"Earlier this week, my (sarcastic) attempt at humor during a podcast failed. Everyone who knows me knows that I started coaching and I still coach basketball -ball for reasons other than money. "Miles tweeted.

The Cornhuskers are 15-12, 5-11, after four starters from a team that placed fourth in the Big Ten last year. Nebraska competed in the NCAA Tournament once in the first six seasons of Miles.

Miles is under contract until March 2021 and is expected to be redeemed for $ 2.52 million when he is fired after this seventh season.

"If they see me, they'll still pay me – I'm still a millionaire, so I have what it takes for me," Miles said on the WatchStadium.com podcast.


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