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The United States multiply attacks on the Russian power grid

The Pentagon intensifies its attacks on the Russian power grid at the last sign of a growing cyber war between the United States and the Kremlin.

According to the New York Times, the United States has infiltrated the Russian power grid among other anonymous targets, introducing US malware into systems, in response to cyber-aggression and political intervention in Russia, including attempting to influence the recent US elections.

Although the Times provided little detail on the attacks, US officials said US malware could cripple Russian electricity infrastructure and is unprecedented in terms of reach and aggression.

This measure is intended to serve as a warning to Russia and would also allow the United States to quickly retaliate against Russian provocation.

The warning strike was authorized by the US Cyber ​​Command, which has been granted extensive power to carry out a cyber-"clandestine military activity" in order to "deter, protect or defend against malicious attacks or cyberactivity" against the United States "of President Trump and Congress. This authorization followed concerns that the administration needed to react more aggressively to cyber-attacks and Kremlin-directed piracy campaigns.

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