The United States should take care of its own


"The question is what happens to the person who is a decent citizen and who does not have the skills of the market.And we can solve this problem," said Buffett.

"A rich family can bear if she has six children and that one of them is not as good on the market … is just good in all the other personal qualities. "Take care of him," said Buffett. "So we can take care of people and we should do it, but we should not screw up the market system."

In fact, Buffett will give up most of his wealth as part of The Giving Pledge, an organization he co-founded with Gates, to encourage wealthy individuals to publicly commit to important philanthropic efforts.

Gates also said that he supports capitalism as a fundamental economic structure, but, as Buffett thinks, the wealthiest individuals should take care of those who are less fortunate.

"Now, you can say that I'm biased because that [capitalist] The system worked very well for me, and I pleaded guilty, "Gates told Fareed Zakaria of CNN earlier in February. But, overall, I see the capitalist economies and a lot of good things that you can adjust the tax parameters and get a lot more equity and get additional government services while staying in the same basic framework. "

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