Heel or face, I'm just happy that Batista is back


It was almost necessary to be disconnected, or at least to be away from any wrestling site or suite, so as not to have Dave Bautista return on February 25th. Gross spoiled for you. The speculation turned into behind-the-scenes reporting turned into headlines … the rumors were true, and the Animal is back for what will probably be its last WrestleMania run.

Even though your return was spoiled, however, I did not see anyone predicting or reporting that he would come back as he did – kayfabe attacking his friend and mentor Ric Flair, ruining the planned celebration by WWE 70 years of Nature Boy to get Triple H attention, and probably the & # 39; Mania a match he had long wished for as a farewell to the fight.

The way it was rewritten in the plot is not the first thing that crossed my mind when I watched last night. Hell, it was probably the third, after "F *** YEAH, BATISTA!" And "Blue ring nose and matching sunglasses, huh? Never change, big Dave.

But although I know that this is probably an example of a typical negative wrestling fan / blogger, my third was probably: "It's pretty amazing that when nobody wants it, he's become a baby-faced , and now when the public is singing his name, they beat him a beloved living legend. "

It's a feeling I've seen a lot since last night. His success in Hollywood, particularly as Dofx, the famous icon of badass and autism, in the Marvel film universe, has fans who booed him from Pittsburgh during the summer. 2014 edition. Royal Rumble when he was "a part-time timer who was stealing a place", he ignited to see him do anything in a wrestling ring. This story too, at first sight, presents Triple H as a baby. Which is good when he launches special NXT Network shows or discussions in the Vince McMahon retirement commentary section, but it's a difficult sell. Gross and Smack down.

From what we know apart from the scenario, that's what Dave Bautista wishes. He prefers to play with a heel, and not being allowed to do it on the last lap was something he openly criticized for WWE. The 50-year-old also wants to fight Triple H at & # 39; Mania like his goodbye to perform in the ring. The company may think that Trips must be a fan favorite: the D-Generation X Hall of Fame Induction will take place the day before. WrestleMania 35. And the story is that the Animal is the only man that the game has ever managed to beat. This is the kind of wrestling stories that usually allows a hero to defeat a villain, not the other way around.

The twists are likely to be coming up here on April 7th at the MetLife stadium. In the era of "reality", I'm waiting for Bautista interviews about Hunter and Stephanie McMahon who doubt Guardians of the Galaxy If the WWE did not respond to Dave's calls even after several box-office reshuffles, it would be presented to Kayfabe as the reason why it was necessary to attack Flair for the attention of Haitch. The public might insist on talking to him, just as we insisted on taunting him on the way to WrestleMania 30. A tweener "a Hollywood star who refuses to be scorned by WWE officials and does not care if you praise or boo him for it" would be a compromise.

This certainly helps that the Batista heel is awesome, and has always been more interesting than the Batista babyface.

And although I'm not sure of the artist's satisfaction, I must say that the fight is strange and that I am a fan of Dave Bautista the man as much as Batista the character. So if taking a bow in a business / art that he adores and sticking to his terms means that the story does not match the one I had written in my head, I can – to steal one from his slogans – treat him.

Even if it means going through a Triple H of 20 minutes & # 39; Mania epic, complete with the essays of D-X, Steph, Randy Orton and D-Von Dudley.

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