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The update of Mortal Kombat 11 eliminates one of Kabal's brutalities

Mortal Kombat 11 Players posing as Kabal players have probably seen and used his Screamer Brutality a few times, but the result is now a little different from the launch of the game. One of NetherRealm Studio's latest updates to the game. The game erased the censorship of the brutality that previously erased Kabal's chest and face when he was shouting out his opponent's life, a move that would seem familiar to those who played Mortal Kombat. games over the years.

If you had not seen Kabal's brutality before it became uncensored, you did not miss a lot of discernible details. The pre-patch version of the movement is visible below and shows Kabal screaming against an opponent while showing them his unmasked face supposed to be so horrible that it literally scares his life. The players did not have this perspective and had only a fuzzy version of Kabal to watch.

Now that a new update has been released, players have noticed that Kabal's brutality in question is no longer censored. This new version is shown below with a comparison that shows what the move was like in a previous installment of the Mortal Kombat series. He shows Kabal with disheveled hair and eyes coming out of his head, and we can expect him to be compared to Large Marge of The great adventure of pee-wees.

The update in question, which removed the censorship, did not mention any specific Brutality that had changed but simply indicated that she had "added several new brutalities to be discovered by the players".


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