The viral video of a toddler's dad climbing the ladder of the pool is a warning to parents


A Massachusetts dad filmed his 2-year-old son climbing alone on a locked pool ladder, showing other parents how easy it is for children to put themselves in danger.

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42 thoughts on “The viral video of a toddler's dad climbing the ladder of the pool is a warning to parents”

  1. “Whose idea was it to design it”. We should go visit this guys work place to see what he creates. May be he is an all encompassing super scientist with 180 iq. Clearly not. Just because your kid climbed a ladder does not mean that ladder is not effective.

  2. Well I found this video very interesting and I was wondering where the parents were when this two year old child was climbing up this protective ladder. To be honest it would just show me that you are unfit to be a parent if you are not watching what your 2 year old child is doing at all times. You just proved yourself to be wrong that you are not watching what your child at 2 years old is doing. You as a parent want to put the blame on someone else.

  3. Simple. Put a fence around your pool you irresponsible ADULTS !! Not one he can climb like a wooded fence. Geeeeze stop blaming others for your own disfunctions. Who puts in pool with no protection for their own child? That is the real ? Mom n Dad ?Has nothing to do with the ladder !!!!

  4. I wouldn't blame the maker of the ladder by looking at it you wouldn't think a baby could climb up it. I guess you want manufactures to use real babies to test their products

  5. There's no such thing as child proof only child resistant. Kids are a lot smarter than you give we credit for they might seem dumb can't talk or process a thought but they know what's going on up there.

  6. Yeah, this isn't good at all. Companies need to make sure products are really child-proof like they claim…but the only real "child-proofing device" is the watchful eyes of adults. It takes only a few inches of water for a small child to drown!

  7. That can be so dangerous for any young child to climb up theses and jump into the pool if there can't swim there will be dead change your your steps try not let young child do this in the 1st place keep them save from harm

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