The viral video of Awkwafina "My Vag" was sent back

Awkwafina talks about launching his video about his grandmother and getting fired for his viral video "My Vag".
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The viral music video of Awkwafina "My Vag" was sent back late in the evening with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers



  1. This interview was so much more natural compared to the others who interviewed her!

  2. that throat means she's been sucking too much dick.

  3. 4:11 Loved how Seth closed the segment. His ability to connect with his guests is why I'm a fan. I'm so glad to be a subscriber.

  4. omg i just realised she acts and sounds like Natasha Lyonne

  5. So on paper what would the reason for termination be? They were having a conversation and she answered a question and she got terminated? Idk

  6. So glad she's finally getting recognition, the past year or so. Incredibly talented.
    It's a very sad reflection on the current state of the entertainment industry that someone like Awkwafina sticks out like a sore thumb, against the background of karaoke competition winners, vacuous youtube 'stars' and people who have been chosen to appear on screen for facial symetry or nepotism reasons.

  7. Love awkwafina. Love her as a rapper too she sooo darn cute and funny. If you haven't watched any of her videos or badrap and her rapper homies. U need to get on that!!!!! They're all talented.

  8. I'm sensing romantic chemistry here

  9. awkwafina reminds me of a REAL LIFE Nicky from ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, that vibe <3 which is great !

  10. She’s funny in crazy rich Asians. Her music sucks .

  11. Isn't this a character from Bojack Horseman?

  12. Crazy Rich Asians (20I8) fiIm #NOW avaiIabIe :

  13. ooh murica. always so prude when it comes to sexuality and nudity…
    you guys know that the more tabu sex is in a culture the more likely it is to get raped?

  14. Saw Awkwafina in "Crazy Rich Asians" last night, now I can't get enough of her!

  15. Lovely Asian face. Joan River's voice.

    …a odd juxtaposition. Nice. But odd.


  17. A Vaj of Honor.

    Wear it with pride, Seth

  18. They fired her over a word lol what