The viral video of beggars takes Rp. 115 million in banks, the family gives details


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a woman suspected of being a beggar by taking hundreds of millions of money circulating on social networks.

The family of the woman suspected of being beggar had provided clarifications.

They rejected the viral news and spread widely on social media.

This event reminds us all to be smart to see the situation.

Do not press us to judge others only of their appearance.

Later, the name of the woman suspected of begging was Noorhilim.

Videos when Noorhilim takes large sums of money uploaded by multiple accounts on Facebook.

For example, downloaded by the Facebook account of André Noval.


One of the beggars who likes to ask him about the old market is having hundreds of millions of rupees at a bank in Banjarmasin.

The video of Amat Amat via Borneo News. "

In the 52-second video, a woman dressed in worn clothes was busy counting her money with a bank teller.

Surprisingly, the woman suspected of being a beggar is believed to have about 115 million rupees in cash, according to the Banjarmasin Post (13/07/2018).

The money, according to a man who perpetuated the video, said it was the result of begging beggars from the street.

"The money was the result of begging, the amount reached 115 million rupees," said a man calling the hooded brown woman on the video.

It's just that the greeting of the man seemed to ignore it.

The woman who later became known as a beggar seemed even busy while returning to take the money for her to tell the cashier.

After being confirmed to her family, it turned out that the news that was circulating was completely false. tried to confirm the video to his family, Abdul Muin or familiarly called Nunung, sent back firmly.

The fourth brother, by a woman who was in possession of hundreds of millions of money, did not justify that her sister's money at the bank was the result of begging.

"But the money is the result of the division of the inheritance of the sale of our family's house, which each receives 50 million rupees," he said.

While the rest, Nunung did not fire his sister often begging from house to house every day.

He then collected it to this possibility.

The man, whose full name was Abdul Muin, also said that Noorhilim suffered in his daily life from a mild mental disorder.

Her husband was no exception, they received a child.

"So, sometimes, if they are penalized or said, Ilim is often angry."

"It's just that he knows money, he's also very good at saving money, and I do not even know how much his savings are in the bank," Nunung said.

Muin actually admitted that he was very disappointed with the broadcast of his sister's video without confirmation with him.

He hopes the video will not cause any negative impact on his sister.

"I was surprised after seeing the video on my kid's cell phone, I do not know who broadcast it," Muin said. ( Aditya).



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