The Windows calculator will soon have a graphical mode


Microsoft is currently adding a graphing calculator feature to the Windows 10 Windows Calculator application. The company opened the open source application earlier this month and is already the most popular project on GitHub of this month.

And one of the features that Microsoft will build for the Windows Open Air Calculator is a graphical mode, such as it was spotted for the first time by ZDNet. The new graphic mode is being created for schools and students. Thus, they can quickly graphically represent equations using the built-in Windows calculator. The functionality will work the same way you can convert the equations into graphics in OneNote.

The feature has been in development for a long time. "We have been working on different forms of prototyping and then on the ground for about a year," said a Microsoft engineer on GitHub. The company also shared a list of features offered by the new graphics mode, including the ability to enter multiple equations and compare different plots, as well as advanced export capabilities:

  • Users can enter an equation so that it can be viewed on the graph.
  • Users can enter multiple equations so that the parcels can be compared to each other and the interactions between the lines can be compared.
  • Users can modify the equations so that they can see how the changes affect the graph and correct the errors.
  • Users can change the graph display window to view different parts of the plot at different levels of detail.
  • Users can change the visual options of the line to clearly differentiate multiple parcels.
  • Users can export graphics so they can be shared with others or integrated with Office / Teams.
  • Users can easily manipulate secondary variables in equations to quickly understand how changes to equations affect the graph.
  • Users can see traceable key graph entities (KGF) as nodes / points on the equations, and call other KGFs in a list to better understand the important features of a given function.
  • Users can draw graphs to better understand the relationship between variables in the graph equation.

Of course, the integration of such advanced functionality in what should be a simple calculator could significantly affect the code base of the application. But it seems that Microsoft will not build the graphical engine of the new graphical mode, but will instead use a graphical engine created by an unknown third party to activate the feature. "We do not develop the graph engine ourselves. We will use one developed elsewhere, and it unfortunately has restrictive licenses, "explained the engineer.

The graphical mode in the Windows calculator will probably take months to actually be delivered in Windows 10; you will have to wait a while for that. However, we will make sure you know when the feature is really usable.

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