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The Yankees vie for victory if necessary after the exchange for Encarnacion

CHICAGO – As the Yankees were about to end their three-game losing streak on Saturday night, they acquired Edwin Encarnacion of the Mariners for the prospect of the minor shots, Juan Then.

The Yankees' biggest need is a starting pitcher, but picking the AL leader and third in the RBI race bolsters training that is awaiting the return of Giancarlo Stanton on Tuesday and possibly Aaron Judge to the next home game. He also offers manager Aaron Boone another option on first base and designates the hitter designated to team up with Luke Voit.

Using the Chad Green reliever for the fifth time worked well, since he whitened the White Sox in two dominant innings. led the Yankees to an 8-4 victory in front of a crowd of guaranteed sold-out spectators of 36,074 people seated during a rainy 32-minute wait in the first pitch.

Encarnacion led the American League with 21 points and was third with 49 RBIs entering Saturday's action. According to Joel Sherman of The Post, the Mariners are sending $ 8.4 million to the Yankees. For luxury tax purposes, the Yankees pay about $ 3.4 million.

Nestor Cortes Jr. followed Green with five scoreless innings before getting tired in the eighth and was replaced by Jonathan Holder. The riders were first and second and no outs. After making a mistake in throwing in third base, baseball player LeMahieu, James McCann started a three-point home run that reduced the Yankees' lead to 7-4.

The march made by Didi Gregorius in the bases in the ninth account for the last leg of the Yankees.

Aroldis Chapman, who had not played since last Sunday, recorded the last three outs in a situation without backup.

After losing the first two games, the Yankees will look to split the four-game series by a win on Sunday.

Torres added a sacrificial fly to the sixth goal that scored Sanchez and Curtis Maybin added a solo circuit to the seventh when Sanchez managed a run with a motive on the outside.

The victory not only halted a three-game series, it also allowed the 42-27 Yankees to overtake the Rays and advance to first place in the AL East semifinal. The rays have lost to the angels.

Green was sensational for the second consecutive game as a starter. After scoring three goals first, Green made it second again. Last Sunday in Cleveland, Green made two scoreless innings early in the game and swept three in a 7-6 win over the Yankees.

The Yankees are 5-0 when Green starts a game.

"It's a chance to have a dynamic lifter [in]. Obviously, since his return [from the injured list] He shot the ball a lot better, 'Boone said Green was working early in the game instead of the medium or late innings. "Bring Nestor behind him and not have to run a guy twice."

For the third consecutive game against the White Sox, the Yankees scored the first goal when Sanchez's ground ball doubled inside the bag for third base.

Torres was 4-0 with a two-run homer on a 2-0 pitch. It was the 15th Torres circuit of the season

The Yankees led 4-0 after 3 and a half innings Thursday night and lost 5-4. Luke Voit offered a 1-0 advantage with a circuit Friday night in the first frame and the White Sox won 10-2.

Reynaldo Lopez, the starter of the White Sox, allowed a Yankee to reach the goal in the first three innings and erased Brett Gardner by giving LeMahieu a ball on the ground in the final third. Gardner reaches on a walk.

Lopez has allowed five runs and six hits in six innings and is 4-7.

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