This moment of Taehyung went viral on twitter {Beau moment}

This moment of Taehyung went viral on twitter {Beau moment}

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  1. Fuck I’m crying ?. Seeing this boy turn to man in a block of an eye and seeing how successful he has become. ALL OF THEM. At first believed they wouldn’t make it but the passed they’re limit a loooooooooonnnnnggggg time ago and are still going hard. And looking at how much they’re fan base has increased is really crazy, and I’m sooo proud of them (like a mom)

  2. Blond V looks like a European prince

  3. lol jin's hand in the end ???

  4. My heart has enough room for his cuteness AHHHHHHHHHH IS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE?

  5. What's the theme song at the beginning

  6. He waa literally trying to hold back his tears in the clips, i know cause i use the same method to force my tears to go away

  7. Please be okay Tae ,just watched a video analysing this concert and honestly do think something is wrong but I just hope he knows how much we care for him as much as he cares for us ❤️?

  8. Why cant god just leave me hug him

  9. Our boi is the definition of beauty

  10. I'm so proud of my baby???. He makes me wanna cry just by seeing him almost cry. I love you so much, Taehyung, words can't explain the amount of love I have for you and the members. Keep smiling baby, and be proud of your accomplishments. I love you so much???.

  11. 0:18 That just made me blush.. :'')

  12. My king is so beautiful ,i love him soo much !<3<3<3

  13. He is too darn precious T_T

  14. Tae Tae, you're such an inspiration, honestly. Thank you for being a true, unique angle. Keep doing what you love, ARMY loves you and will always be there for you. We purple you kim taehyung. (?)

  15. I see a lot of comments talking about Taehyung losing weight drastically, and being sad, saying that's the reason he looked at army with teary eyes in Spring Day.
    We don't know if he's sad or not right now, and we don't know what he's being through right now, but you're all being so influenced by some video saying V lost a lot of weigh and that he's so sad and upset. We don't know, so stop taking that video as real proof, we have to wait until we see if he's actually not ok.

  16. love u tae u r very precious in this world love u jungkookie too

  17. Still be our baby that's bring all of the smiles. You are grow up too fast

  18. That's why you should focus on there health first not there visuals

  19. He got more skinny u can see his bones.

  20. The little dance at the end tho ????