This timelapse of the ISS captures a rocket launch from the space


When the Russian cargo spacecraft Progress MS-10 was launched on a Soyuz rocket on November 16, 2018, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst was ready to capture it … from the International Space Station. This timelapse that he showed shows what a rocket launch looks like about thirty kilometers from Earth in orbit.

The rocket launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan was carrying 5,653 pounds of cargo. The launches are scheduled to occur after the ISS has overflown, and the rockets will catch the 17.900 mph space station to moor.

Gerst took the photos in the allotted time by mounting a camera in the Cupola module and using an intervalometer to take pictures at regular intervals. Played at 8 to 16 times the normal speed, the timelapse above indicates about 15 minutes from the launch of the rocket.

The launching steps noted in the video include recall separation (00:07), base stage separation (00:19), base stage burning in the Earth's atmosphere (00: 34) and Progress separating from the rocket and entering orbit).


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