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Behind their stated goals of finding a shortstop, as well as a starting pitcher, the Tigers had a third priority in mind before the spring 2019 camp: a swing pitcher that could start or ease.

They found a potential response on Tuesday by signing up with Matt Moore on a one-year contract, which will not be finalized until the physical exam is formalized.

The agreement was confirmed by a source from the Tigers' welcome office who requested anonymity pending the completion of the physical contract. Various reports written by national writers, Mark Feinsand and Jeff Passan, have awarded this deal an amount ranging from $ 2.5 to $ 3 million, along with incentives.

Moore, 29, had some excellent first seasons with the 2012 Rays from 13 to 13, but did not experience such a good performance in subsequent years with Tampa Bay, the Giants and the Rangers. Last season, he played 39 games, including 12 starts, and a record of 6.79 and an average of 1.66. The numbers were way better on the road than they were at the Texas baseball stadium.

But because of its age, flexibility, and the Tigers' likely reporting of scouts and scouts in analysis, Detroit is about to become Moore's next major league stop.

Moore's fastball has remained in the 150 km / h range in 2018, while also throwing a curve ball (or curve at one knee) and a gear shift. He is considered more like a fly-ball pitcher, a trait that can be helped by the square footage of Comerica Park.

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But the Tigers are counting on Moore for a better result than the Rangers in 2018. In those 39 matches, which have 102 innings, Moore was hit with 128 hits and 19 homers. He retired 86 batters and walked 41.

He was operated by Tommy John in 2014, following his brilliant seasons of 2012 and 2013, where he earned 3.89 and 3.21 percentage points in 58 starts.

He competed in just 12 games in 2015, then was handed out to the Giants in the summer of 2016. He made 12 regular season starts for San Francisco, a 4.08 record and a brilliant shot at one. exit against the Cubs, thus allowing two hits. more than eight innings by eliminating 10. But he had a bad year 2017 with a 5.52 ERA. Last December, he was traded to the Rangers with an international slot in exchange for a pair of minor league players.

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The Tigers are banking on its relative youth and existing repertoire to help their 2019 staff modernize. Moore was an eighth round pick by the Rays in 2007 at Moriarty (New Mexico) High.

The Tigers remain on the market for a real starter, which could be a long list of free agents: Edwin Jackson, Tyson Ross, Jeremy Hellickson, Derek Holland, Trevor Cahill, Marco Estrada or Brett Anderson.

The Tigers also remain on safari for a short stopover, with Freddy Galvis, Adeiny Hechavarria and Jordy Mercer as main targets.

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