Tom Brady presented an anecdote showing how confident he was as a rookie


Even as a rookie choice in the sixth round in 2000, Tom Brady had confidence. Before being a Super Bowl champion – or even a starter – Brady was a quarter-fourth rope at his first Patriots training camp.

Still, he was so confident in himself and his future in the NFL that he bought a home without suspecting that he could soon lose his job.

Brady explained the memorable story of his rookie season in a recent interview with WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show".

"I'm trying to rethink in the fall of 2000," Brady started, "and it was pretty fun because I obviously had a lot of self-confidence. I remember calling my agent and it was about that time, actually. And I thought, "Ty Law wants me to buy him his house." I will do it. "

"My agent was like, 'Are you nuts? What are you thinking about? You are the fourth quarterback on the depth chart. You may not be here in a week, "said Brady, his agent. "I thought, what are you talking about? Of course I will be here. I can not believe you even said that. We kept four quarters that year, which is rather unheard of. We had Michael [Bishop] and John Friesz. "

"Ty says he's done a lot for his house," Brady said about the house he's bought. "I think I paid too much."

When Hill offered Brady the opportunity to offset the price difference at the potential future sale of his Brookline home, Brady, 42, said, "I know. I do not watch this, I just think about it [older] particular transaction. "

In the end, Brady concluded the deal and, of course, the team.

"I actually bought the house," Brady explained. "Ty kept some of his furniture for me, a pool table, and I spent two good years there as a young player. So thank you Ty, Ty Law Hall of Fame member.

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