Your Galaxy Note 10 does not have a dead pixel, it's the proximity sensor – Droid Life


During the weekend, we received an email from an interested Galaxy Note 10 owner who noticed a blinking dot on his screen near the top of the camera. On note 10, it is on the right side of the front camera. The owner of the device was afraid to have a phone with a dead pixel. Do not worry, rate 10 owners! It's perfectly normal!

The blinking dot you see is the phone's proximity sensor and you will probably only notice it when you make a call. When you are in communication, the LED blinks and when it is hidden (like when you hold the phone at the height of your ear), the phone knows by its sensor that it is ok to turn off the screen when you talk on the phone.

The Galaxy S10 was equipped with the same proximity sensor integrated in the screen. This exact implementation is therefore nothing new for Samsung and Galaxy devices.

There, nothing to fear!

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