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Ball takes a child out in the crowd

2 K + views

Tornado rips the bell tower of the courthouse

9 K + views

The worst moment slow mo

11 K + views

Will not be there anymore

15 K + views

Man falls by the car window

16 K + views

Mini Van Lawn Mower

17 K + views

Boy receives the best gift of all time

18 K + views

Black bear hunting dog

19 K + views

Thieving trucks caught

21 K + views

Turtle hunt the mower

22 K + views

Free car wash

23 K + views

Motorcycle Mirror Clips Trucks

33 K + views

Road rage incident continues at gas station

81 K + views

Terrifying Spider Mating Ritual

90 K + views

A dog shows his gratitude after being saved

180 K + views

Do not stand on the windshield

490 K + views



  1. That's not big for a black bear apparently that know it all doesn't know shit

  2. 1:17 that's what you get for being a fucking moron and dressing like a fuck nut?????? I'd have done the same

  3. The one at 6:45 is a real heartbreaker.

  4. Yeah nice dog. Hope it’s in a good home now.

  5. That black is tiny. It’s like a two year old. Guess that’s what happens when city people see wildlife. Everything is huge! Lol

  6. Dude: "That bear is huuuge"
    Chick: "no it's not, have you ever seen a grizly bear? Cause I have"

    Dude:"Well its big for a black bear" ????? dude just realized his chick has bigger balls ???

  7. I wanna know where to get a 2018 ford ranger from that thing was nice.

  8. How are the Top Viral Videos So Mundane?

  9. Why do people que up to cheer at rich people driving obscenely over priced cars? America is so fucked.

  10. You should check out ground beef piano

  11. I hate America. I hate people lol

  12. 7:24 if shes petting the dog with one hand and recording with the other, what's she steering with

  13. First one is sexy af ???

    Also I love that the one where the guy falls out of the car window the guys is just like ???

  14. The last guy should get rid of the Lambo and tell the girl he's broke. See if she stays ?

  15. Wait.. so she's hugging the dog with one hand..

    And holding the phone with the other…

    Who holdin' the steering wheel???

  16. 6:43, HOW IS THAT BEING RECORDED?? Or, HOW IS SHE EVEN DRIVING??? think about it. One hand is on the dog other on the phone. Either she must have a tesla on autopilot or she has 3 arms?

    edit: oh wait I forgot ppl drive with knee

  17. Es a big bear..
    That's not big for a bear…. have you even seen a grizzly , cuz I have….
    Uh yeah this is a black bear and it's big for a black bear…
    Blah blah blah sheesh do she ever STFU?

  18. Wow, that rescued dog clip was the best. Cheers to that woman who saved him.

  19. Really hope that windshield was super expensive and not covered by insurance

  20. He gave the guy in the trucks mirror a little slap lmao

  21. #12 – moon roof blew off and knocked the guy out of the car. Dumb ass stunt to begin with.

  22. It does look like that dog is showing gratitude but I think it is sensing the womans emotions and trying to comfort her. I have first hand experience with dogs that sense when your sad and will try to comfort you in similar ways, I had a doberman that would always come rest its chin on my leg when I wasnt feeling the best and wouldnt move, her way of giving me a cuddle but she would only ever do that when she sensed I was down.

  23. The guy at the end was SUCH a tool ?

  24. 2018 just flew on by. I guess I dont even remember it all

  25. 8:00 dont worry his daddy will buy him a new one

  26. Driving, Filming AND pet the dog. Not sure if he really is rescued with someone like her behind the steering wheel.
    Still it's a nice thing the dog found someone tho…

  27. Daily Dose Of Internet: Extended Cut.

  28. Is that a pet turtle? how tf it get in your backyard

  29. The guy with the Lambo makes me sick.
    Such a dbag!!!!!