We would be lying to ourselves if we said that there is still no prejudice as to how black women are portrayed in the media. Although representation has increased over the past two years, traditional media still tend to favor the representation of women with darker skin compared to women with lighter skin. Although women are all queens, regardless of their shape, size or color, it's a question of balance, and the balance is overwhelming – most of the time – ALWAYS tilts more towards women with skin lighter and whiter. "And although some may occasionally see the injustice happen before their eyes and choose to ignore it, Tory Lanez has come forward to address the problem directly, sending a message important to all.

Lanez relied on Instagram to share a short excerpt of an incident, during which he was shooting what looked like a music video. While Lanez warms up in front of the camera, the director proceeds to the exchange of the beautiful model, with the darker skin, against a woman with fair complexion, with blond hair and curly hair. Upon seeing the switch, Lanez immediately calls for a break, although his words are inconsistent. One can clearly see him tell the director to bring back the other model. "You're beautiful on the way," he assures the second model, while the first is brought to the request of Lanez. By posting the clip on Instagram, he added a long and strong message: "This is a recurring problem in our entertainment community that needs to stop, and as a Black I sometimes joke about the black community. that I will not do, is to allow one of these directors to devalue our black women … many times I have seen directors exchange our women of color for women with a clearer complexion or for women with more tense hair, etc. … IT'S OUR ARTIST RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP AND NOT TO LEAVE IT ARRIVING .. it was time to kiss our color woman #BlackIsBeautiful "