If you do not know it yet, a viral challenge called the #MoMo challenge is to find a grotesque bird-like entity called "Momo" that appears in your DM and / or Youtube videos and orders children to to hurt, including: as much as suicide. Crazy crazy? Well, it's something that some kids apparently do, but Tory Lanez wants everything to stop.

The Canadian singer jumped on IG Wednesday night and shared his reaction to this ridiculous challenge of informing parents about what was happening.

"MoMoChallenge KEEP YALL KIDS AWAY FROM THIS SHIT !!! WATCH THE VIDEOS THAT LOOK AT YOUTUBE … LIL KIDS KLLING EVERY ONE AND EVERY TYPE OF SHIT … @youtube, you have to fix that shit! ", He left as a legend.

Tory is not the only artist / celebrity to express his dissatisfaction with this stupid challenge. On Wednesday morning, Kim Kardashian also spoke about #MoMo, saying that Youtube should stop it as soon as possible.

Check out Tory's public message to parents and children (below).