Travelers from Midway Airport in Chicago may have been exposed to measles


Travelers who crossed Chicago's Midway Airport last week may have been exposed to measles, Chicago Tribune Reports. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, an unvaccinated and contagious resident of Illinois passed through Hall B on February 22 and those who were nearby between 9 pm and midnight may have been exposed . The infected person was treated two days later in the emergency department at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, in the western suburbs of Geneva. Those who were in emergency on February 24 between 11:45 and 14:15. perhaps also been exposed, as well as people who were in the hospital from 16h. at 18:15 on February 24 and from 10:00 to 13:00 on February 25, the IDPH said in a statement. The IDPH and local health services are also working to inform residents of Illinois who may have been exposed during their flights. Most people are vaccinated against measles during childhood, but those who have not been vaccinated are at a higher risk of acquiring the highly contagious, life-threatening disease. tribune reports.

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