Trump claims that his wall is under construction. It's just a replacement for old barriers.


President Trump is eager to show the progress made in building his long-promised wall on the Mexican border. If in a hurry that Wednesday he sent a tweet showing the construction of steel fences in southern New Mexico with accelerated video to add a sense of efficiency and urgency.

he retweeted Thursday, with the proclamation of caps "The wall is under construction now!"

This is misleading.

The government has built about 700 miles of walls and fences along the border since 2006. The barriers, damaged by migrants attempting to cross them or by the elements, need periodic repairs.

The section of the barrier that Mr. Trump presented this week was not a new construction, but rather a replacement of the existing fence. The money for the steel slatted fence came from a Congressional credit in 2017, and not recently authorized spending in the recent deal that has helped prevent a government shutdown, or money that the president is seeking to withdraw from other federal projects as part of his national emergency declaration last week.


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