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Trump lands on Paul Ryan after extracts from "American Carnage"

President Donald Trump arrives on Twitter from former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan following comments by Ryan criticizing Trump in excerpts from a new book.

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Ryan condemns Trump in "American Carnage", Tim Alberta's Politico, in excerpts from various publications. Alberta wrote that the former speaker, who withdrew from Congress in 2018, could not support the idea of ​​another two years with the Republican president and considered retirement a "loophole," according to the Washington Post . Ryan reportedly said, "I'm telling you, he did not know anything about the government, I wanted to scold him all the time."

Trump blew Ryan as "a lame duck failure".

"He had the majority and won with his bad leadership and bad timing," Trump tweeted on Thursday night. "I have never known how to pursue the Dems as they pursue us.It's impossible to get him out of Congress fast enough!"

Trump may have been annoyed by various revelations in the book, including reports reminiscent of widespread GOP negative reactions to his comments filmed in the "Access Hollywood" scandal in the last weeks of the 2016 election campaign. Ryan's reaction was particularly harsh.

The book tells the story of Ryan, a congressman for 20 years, claiming that Trump's presidency was slipping as he was less inclined to accept Republican advice to moderate his approach.

"Those of us around him have really helped prevent it from making bad decisions all the time," Ryan said. "We helped him make better decisions, which was contrary to the nature of his reflex reaction.Now, I think he's doing some of these reflex reactions."

And Ryan, who has often been Trump's wing for some congressional issues, but had a tense relationship with him, was the main target of Trump's Twitter rage.

"Paul Ryan, a vice-president and former House speaker, whose accomplishments were atrocious (except in my first two years as President), has finally become a long-standing failure, leaving his party in the trap of both fundraiser & leader, "said Trump.

Trump tweeted that when presidential candidate Mitt Romney had chosen Ryan as running for president, "I told people that it was the end of the presidential race."

"He left Congress because he did not know how to win," tweeted Trump. "They gave me O's in the Wisconsin state, and booed him from the scene.He promised me the Wall, and failed (anyway!) … "

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