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Trump Social Media Summit Attacks Journalists in Rose Garden

A handful of conservative personalities who attended President TrumpDonald John Trump: The controversial platform Gab blames the White House for not having invited it to social media. GOP summit senator: The United States should "re-evaluate" their long-term relationship with the Saudis Pelosi, reported Trump: "What's your name, my dear?" MOREThursday's social media summit struck Rose Garden journalists after being invited to participate in a census announcement.

The scene unfolded as Trump stood between the Attorney General William BarrWilliam Pelham BarrConservatives asks Barr to explain the reason for being the Trump Trump census question is increasingly framed by the question of census citizenship Jeffrey Epstein forces Washington to handle embarrassing relationships MORE and secretary of commerce Wilbur RossWilbur Louis RossHillicon Valley: The Court of Appeal decides that Trump can not block people on Twitter | Technology giants will testify as part of an antitrust investigation | DHS game to grill on facial recognition technology | Trade Authorize Sales to Huawei Census Opens Moment of Truth for Supreme Court and Rule of Law Can it? How to answer this common question in the Trump PLUS era, And a number of far right social media personalities and visitors criticized for promoting conspiracy theories in the audience. The atmosphere quickly turned into a confrontation after the return of the president to the interior.

Sebastian GorkaSebastian Lukacs GorkaWarren, Sanders, Booker Calls for a Review of Sinclair's Acquisition .6B of Regional Sports Networks Katharine Gorka will be named CBP Gorka Press Attaché Critic of PBS Children's "Arthur" Show About Gay Marriage PLUS, a former White House advisor, stormed an interview with Playboy correspondent, Brian Karem, at the conclusion of Trump's remarks, when the president announced that he would abandon his attempt to Add a citizenship question to the census.

Under the cover of journalists and other social media guests, Gorka called Karem "punk" and accused the journalist of threatening him while the two words were exchanged. Conservative figures have launched a song of "Gorka!" as they filmed the meeting.

Gorka then spoke to reporters nearby and asked why he was blocking so many people on Twitter.

"I block whoever I want, I block 16,000 people," he told Steve Herman of Voice of America. "Because they are idiots, that's why."

A few people in the crowd arrested members of the press who stood behind a rope at the back of the rose garden. Trump answered questions from his supporters at the Social Media Summit, but did not respond to questions from the accredited press at the Rose Garden event.

Joy Villa, a vocal supporter of Trump, spoke to the press at one point and encouraged her to "stop reporting false news".

"How many reviewers do you have?" Karem asked.

"We do not need that, we just have our voice," said Villa, wearing a dress with an American flag on the theme that said "FREEDOM" at the bottom.

"It's not journalism," Karem replied, as both pursued the exchange of views.

Images of the exchanges between Gorka, Villa and Karem quickly circulated on social media.

At Thursday's summit on social media, Trump complained of "terrible partiality" and censorship in front of a crowd of about 200 conservative personalities.

The president spent much of his speech bragging about his own prolific social networks, while claiming that Twitter had removed it. Social media companies have insisted that political views do not play a role in enforcing their policies.

The president announced that he would convene a business meeting at the White House next week, fearing that they would systematically censor right-wing prospects.

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