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Tyler Beede of the Giants wins his first victory by defeating the Dodgers

LOS ANGELES – Tyler Beede began his first career career at Dodger Stadium on Monday, and Shaun Anderson will do the same on Tuesday.

The future of the Giants, at least for these two fellows, is not at all discouraging.

Beede earned his first career victory in the Giants' 3-2 win over the Dodgers. The right-hander, relying on a fastball of up to 96 mph and brittle throws that kept the batters out of action, conceded a point on three hits while crushing seven in six runs tied.

"They broke their mouths here saying, 'We've been waiting for this for two months,' said Beede, '" I said, "I've been waiting for two years since I started last year."

Doing his five unimportant walks, Beede's engulfed in traffic a good part of the night, but often managed to make the splits as needed. The most memorable was started in the fifth inning and required a clever defense from short stop Brandon Crawford and first baseman Pablo Sandoval, although Sandoval was injured on the right hand and out of the match .

Beat L.A.

Only four Giants pitchers earned their first career win at a start at Dodger Stadium:



Shawn Estes

July 13, 1996

Larry Carter

September 11, 1992

John Burkett

April 30, 1990

Tyler Beede

On Monday

Source: Stats, LLC

While the last place Giants are trying to play their role for years after 2019, these departures from Beede and Anderson will not or will not break the current club, but they are nonetheless significant.

That the scene is Dodger Stadium raises the magnitude.

"This is a place where they should expect a lot in the future," said director Bruce Bochy.

Draft pick of the first round of the Giants in 2014, Beede made a long trip to victory No. 1. He made two starts last year and lasted only 2 1/3 during his first start this year , giving eight points. On Tuesday, he eliminated seven batters in four innings and two-thirds, a 6-5 win over San Diego, and took it to another level Monday in Los Angeles.

"I tried to treat it as any other beginning," Beede said. "Yes, the place has brought more adrenaline. I was more excited to be there. The fans were obviously strong and in the game. It's a fun place to throw. You have to compete with this type of team in these environments and feel calm and confident. "

Receiver Stephen Vogt congratulated Beede for getting big outs when it was needed at a party where his command was not at his best.

"For me, it's a sign that someone is going in the right direction," Vogt said. "What a beautiful first victory for him. I'm sure he would have preferred to get it a while ago, but winning at Dodger Stadium is very special for him. "

The Giants had problems in the first heat – they were led 66-19 – and Beede did not impose a two-ball hike on Matt Beaty to face Cody Bellinger, who had already been nominated as the MVP. useful.

But Beede only needs three shots to take it out, ending the attack with a beating at Bellinger's depth. Arbitrator Ryan Blakney called it a strike.

Beede gave up two hits in the first four innings, but one of the goals was Max Muncy's 433-foot opening. The last time the Giants had seen Muncy, he had crashed Madison Bumgarner's field at McCovey Cove, resulting in a heated exchange between the men.

Bumgarner barked at Muncy to stop admiring the balloon flight and start running, and Muncy waved him back as he walked around the goals. After the match, explaining the argument, Muncy said he told Bumgarner that if he did not want him to watch the ball, "you can take her out of the ocean."

On Monday, there was no splash, but the circuit was still majestic and landed in the right bleachers. The Dodgers found themselves on the board a few moments after Crawford doubled two points home early in the heat.

Crawford had a grueling battle after Vogt's march and Evan Longoria's single. Crawford was 1-2 behind and counted down before breaking Kenta Maeda's ninth shot on the wall on the right.

Starting with the Muncy circuit, Beede put the leading man on four consecutive sets, but the Dodgers did not charge him and blocked two runners on each of the third, fourth and fifth innings.

"It's about getting that trust and that sense of belonging here," Bochy said.

Beede became the fourth giant to win his first victory at Dodger Stadium after John Burkett (1990), Larry Carter (1992) and Shawn Estes (1996). As a reward, Beede was overwhelmed by his teammates during a celebrated beer shower, similar to what Anderson had received after his first victory, Mike Yastrzemski after his first shot and Bochy after his 1,000th victory as manager of the Giants.

"I can not tell you what a mixture was, but it was cold and a bit stingy," said Beede. "I was excited to take a second shower after that."

The fifth is over dramatically. Crawford varied from his short stopping position to the other side of the second goal to groom Muncy's scorer, then made a 360-degree turn in the grass of the outfield before throwing in the first.

Sandoval made an impressive stretch on the first goal line, but was pushed to the right by Muncy and was forced to leave the match. The laceration required four stitches and the x-rays were negative. It is day to day but should not play on Tuesday.

"I felt it was going to be worse. I thought it could be a break or a dislocation, "Sandoval said. I'm just trying to make the games to help the team as much as I can. I will sacrifice and do everything to make this game. It was worth it. "

Tyler Austin hit for Sandoval to start the next run, took a step and scored the third point of the Giants. With the runners in first and second place, the Dodgers tried to double Vogt's shot on the right side, but Chris Taylor's stray throw allowed Austin to keep running.

It was not a game to remember for Taylor, who hit Beede three times. Taylor made the Dodgers' second pass on a defensive player choice in the eighth inning, but the Giants concluded the match when Will Smith pitched a ninth goal-free, his 19th save on 19 occasions.

Then, Anderson, who is 2-1 with a points average of 3.97 in his first six games in the majors. He defeated the Padres on his last mission, scoring two points and eliminating six innings in six.

John Shea is the national baseball writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: jshea@sfchronicle.com Twitter: @JohnSheaHey

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