Unnamed Guardian defeats Marth in Fire Emblem popularity poll


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The last official Fire Emblem Heroes The popularity poll was not won by Marth or Chrom or any of the other main cute boy characters in franchise history. No, fans overwhelmingly voted for the unnamed warden who guards the entrance to Garreg Mach Monastery in 2019 Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Nintendo has revealed the full results of the fifth poll “Choose your legends” yesterday (h / t Polygon), showing that Hero players have thrown a ton of weight behind the Gatekeeper, who by virtue of his victory will be added to the game as a playable character this summer. It got 72,267 votes against 46,699 for the original Fire emblem protagonist Marth. Three housesMarianne and Sacred stones“Eirika was the first two characters on the female side.

The porter – an unnamed NPC who only exists to greet the player when they enter the monastery – has become something of a meme in the Fire emblem community after Three houses arrived on Switch in 2019, despite the fact that he couldn’t be romanticized or even recruited by the main character. Yet her cheerful disposition warmed the hearts of Fire emblem fans, who produces a ton of fan art and even found a way to make it part of the game as a unit usable in combat. As you might expect, the Gatekeeper’s charm stat was off the charts.

Fire Emblem Heroes has been regularly updated since arriving on mobile platforms in 2017. Previous polls in the ‘Choose Your Legends’ series have seen the community vote for characters like Three houses“Dimitri and Edelgard, Gaiden‘s Alm, and Radiant dawnMicaiah will appear in the game wearing special outfits. This was the first year that Gatekeeper was included as a voting option.

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