Unnao Viral Video Case: 2 people arrested for molesting a woman

A video of UP's Unnao shows three men who sexually assault a woman while she asks them to stop, while threatening to make the video "viral". All the culprits have been identified by the police.

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  1. Bhainchod inki himmat to dekho.. In bhain k lodo ko goli maar do jaha mil jaye

  2. Sabse Galt baat hai Bhai keya likhu

  3. Shameless people, they should be punished. Protection of woman should be made strictly in the state

  4. UP government to blame, where its BJP leader openly threat rape and violence against minorities.

  5. sir police ne accha kaam kiya or in ladko ki gaaand main sariya daalo tab inhe pata chale dard kaya hota hai..

  6. U.P. the most dangerous lawless place in India , it's the most dangerous place to live for kids, women's.it should be cut off from India.